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Plant Performance Audits

Independent Power Associates (IPA) has developed a Power Plant Performance Audit Program designed to assess the effectiveness of power plant management, operations, maintenance, economics and training.  Although the program is designed as a comprehensive audit, it can be customized to address just one area or as many areas as desired.


The audit process is performed using documented performance objectives and guidelines representing typical "industry standards".  While the performance objectives are broad in scope, the evaluated standards are more specific, focusing upon individual equipment and/or management activities.


IPA has conducted Power Plant Performance Audits both as independent consultants and as supplemental members of a client's audit team.  Our staff has performed more than 50 audits in 6 countries in a broad range of facilities including gas turbine combined-cycle, geothermal and coal facilities.


General Order No. 167 Power Plant Standards Compliance and Audits

IPA will audit your facility's existing Maintenance and Operation Programs and Procedures for compliance with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) General Order No. 167 Standards.  If deficiencies are identified, IPA will prepare a corrective plan for compliance with GO167 and assist your staff to make the necessary modifications to your plant's maintenance and/or operations programs.

For more information on IPA's Audit Services, or to discuss your project's needs,
contact:  Mr. Bill Caldwell, P.E.

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